The first public opinion poll on the Government’s 2021/22 budget, conducted just after Treasurer Josh Frydenberg sat down last night, shows electors split on the reforms for women and demanding more help for the aged.

More than 300 readers of the online financial help website Really Simple Money responded, with 44.5 per cent saying their confidence in the Australian economy had improved –  while 38 per cent were actually more worried and less confident.

With just over 17 per cent saying they didn’t know, that meant 55 per cent were actually left more uncertain after one of the biggest spending budgets in Australia’s history.

There was more unity on the government’s $3 bn policy package on women – 51.3 per cent approved the changes, which mean women will receive more help with childcare, tax cuts for those in low paying jobs and more aid with domestic violence and abusive relationships.

Just over 36 per cent said not enough had been done.

Really Simple Money is a free help site for Australians aged 30+ looking to manage their personal finances better, and has been operating for eight years.  Six out of ten of its 65,000 strong audience are women.

Respondents were asked what they thought the Treasurer could have done better. More money for aged care was the clear winner – with more than 30 per cent of respondents saying they believed increased spending was needed to ensure elderly Australians received more help.

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