Who knew groceries would become such a focal point in the 2022 federal election? But, with inflation rising, so are grocery prices. Here’s 10 simple ways to cut up to $120/month – or up to 50%  – off your bill.

The cost of living has increased because of the Coronavirus pandemic, the tensions in Ukraine/Russia leading to higher fuel prices and the weather causing supply issues.

Iceberg lettuce is $5 at both Coles and Woolworths. We’ve previously written about how you can switch to Aldi or look at unit pricing to get the best deal, but another option is to substitute common groceries with other products.

We’ve compiled a list of ten things that have increased in price and ten things that you can substitute them with. And we saved HALF our weekly shop!

Iceberg lettuce

Opposition and Labor leader, Anthony Albanese said himself in Sunday night’s debate that a few months ago he had paid a couple of dollars for lettuce but recently paid $5.

Iceberg lettuce is $5 at both Coles and Woolworths. It’s even more at IGA at a price of $6. If you need to stretch your dollar further then cos lettuce is a cheaper alternative, with a price of $3.80 for two at both Coles and Woolworths.

Beef mince

The cost of beef has gone up because of the nation’s cattle numbers. They are the lowest they have been in the last 20 to 30 years due to the last drought. The situation may improve due to good rain on the eastern seaboard, which has led to good pastures and farmers restocking their herds. Demand has also caused upward pressure.

At both Coles and Woolworths, 500 grams of private label regular beef mince costs $8. At IGA it is $9.

A cheaper alternative is chicken mince, which is $6 for 500 grams at both Coles and Woolworths for private-label chicken mince. IGA does not sell private label chicken mince, but 500 grams of Steggles Fresh Premium Chicken mince is only $6.50.


Although pasta is cheap, it costs more than rice. A 500-gram pack of Coles Spirals Pasta is $0.80, which works out to be $1.60 per kilo. Woolworths sells Essentials Pasta Spirals 500 gram for the same price. The cheapest pasta at IGA is Vetta Pasta Spirals which is $1.80 for a 500-gram pack.

Rice is cheaper than pasta. The cheapest rice at Coles and Woolworths is private label Long Grain White Rice, which is $1.40 per kilo. The price is comparable at IGA, with Black and Gold Long Grain Rice costing $2.80 for a two-kilo pack, which works out at $1.40 per kilo.



Daley Street Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules cost $4.00 for a ten pack at Coles which has a unit price of $0.40. The cheapest coffee pods at Woolworths are Woolworths Fairtrade Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules 10 pack for $3.70 or at IGA you’ll pay $4.90 for a ten pack of Grinders Coffee Capsules.

To make your money go further Coles is selling Coles Coffee Sachets 10 pack for $3.25 and Woolworths is selling their Woolworths Sachets 10 pack for the same price. IGA is offering Moccona Cafe Sachets 10 pack for $4.50.


Coles Australian block cheese is $8.90 per kilo, meanwhile, Woolworth’s block cheese is $9.90 per kilo. IGA is slightly more expensive with a one-kilo block of Cheer Cheese costing $10.50 (down from $11.50).

If you’re watching your money then a 24 pack of Coles Dairy Cheese Slices Processed will cost $4.25 for 500 grams, which works out at $8.50 per kilo. If you shop at Woolworths then a 30 pack of Kraft Singles 432 grams will cost $5.80 or $13.43 per kilo so block cheese is actually cheaper. Black and Gold Cheese Slices are $4.25 for a 500-gram pack at IGA, so if you shop at IGA, cheese slices are a more economical option.


Devondale Extra Soft Butter Blend is $5.70 at Coles, IGA and Woolworths for a 500-gram tub. A cheaper alternative is Meadow Lea Original Margarine Spread which is only $2.50 for a 500-gram container and is a great alternative to dairy. It is slightly more expensive at both IGA and Woolworths with a price of $4.00 but you will still save money.

Orange juice

Fresh Nudie Nothing But Juice Orange 2 litre costs $8.00 at both Coles and Woolworths. IGA does not sell Nudie but they do sell Daily Juice Orange Pulp-Free for $5.30 for a two-litre bottle.

A cheaper alternative is Viva Fruit Cup Cordial, which makes 40 serves and costs just $2.00 for a 1-litre bottle at Coles. Woolworths Pips Cordial Fruit Cup Crush Double Concentrate 1-litre is $2.00. Cottee’s Cordial Fruit Cup 1-litre is $4.00 at IGA.


Granny Smith apples cost $4.90 per kilo at Coles and Woolworths. They are slightly cheaper at IGA with a price of $4.50 per kilo. Pink Lady apples are $4.90 at Coles, $7.70 for a kilo at Woolworths and just $3.00 at IGA.

A cheaper option is Royal Gala apples which are $3.50 per kilo at Coles and $4.50 at Woolworths.

IGA is different. Royal Gala apples actually cost more at $4.50, so if you’re shopping at IGA, Pink Lady apples are the cheapest option.


Lady Finger Bananas cost $1.26 each at both Coles and Woolworths. This works out at $7.26 per kilo. They are more expensive at IGA at a price of $2.66 each but have a lower per kilo rate of $5.60 so it is more economical to buy in bulk.

Meanwhile, if you want a cheaper alternative, Cavendish bananas are $0.70 each at both Coles and Woolworths. If you buy a kilo you will pay $3.90. Bananas cost slightly more at IGA at a price of $0.72, or $4.00 per kilo.


Coles Tasmanian Salmon Portions Skin On Four Pack (460 grams) costs $13 or $13.57 for 460 grams at Woolworths. IGA sells Global Salmon Twin Pack Skin On (250 gram) for $11.50. It would be $21.16 for 460 grams.

A cheaper alternative would be tinned salmon. Although there are plenty of choices available. The cheapest salmon we found at Coles is Coles Salmon in Springwater which is $1.20 for a 95-gram tin. Woolworths Salmon in Springwater 95 gram costs $1.40. IGA sells a 95 gram tin of Safcol Premium Salmon in Springwater for $1.75.

Total savings

We saved a lot of money when we looked at alternatives. with the biggest savings being found at Woolworths.


The initial shop at Woolworths cost $70.43. When we substituted the items the cost was only $38.38 which is a savings of $32.05 or 54.5%.


Our initial cost at Coles cost $66.36. By switching to different products the price dropped to $29.05 which gives you a saving of $37.31 or 43.8%.


The original shop at IGA cost $74.46. When we looked at cheaper options we only paid $35.20 which is a saving of $39.26 or 47.3%

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