Supermarkets are at last taking action over the soaring price of everyday essentials.  Woolworths has announced that they are freezing the prices of everyday items until the end of the year.

The announcement from Woolworths Group CEO Brad Banducci comes after basic items such as lettuce skyrocketed in the last 12 months.

In May, around 40 percent of Woolworths suppliers asked for prices to be increased, which accounts for half of  sales. 

Inflation across the board had reached 2.7 percent in the March quarter at Woolworths with inflation being caused by stock availability and fewer product promotions.

Initially, Mr Banducci said that inflation had hit meat and imported products, but he’s recently changed his tune and said that almost every category has been affected.

He said in an email to customers: “Most recently we have seen material inflation in vegetables given the very poor growing season on the eastern seaboard due to the rain, high humidity and low light levels – hence what you may see on cucumbers, capsicums and lettuces, amongst others.”

Iceberg lettuce in Australia’s eastern states had reached between $6 and $6.90 a head, which is higher than Woolworths would like and their biggest issue is maintaining stock levels. If you visit the Woolworths website, it is impossible to order Iceberg Lettuce, with it being listed as out of stock.

The average family who shops at Woolworths spends over $200 a week on groceries.

Meanwhile discount supermarket chain, Aldi said in their Aldi Price Report that they had saved families around $2500 in the last year.

A spokesman said: “With inflation continuing to impact Australians’ weekly grocery shop, it is our ambition to take as much stress out of the weekly shop as possible, so that every time someone walks through our doors, they can be confident that they are getting the best prices on the highest quality groceries, across their whole basket”.

Woolworths best buys

Woolworths is selling Finish Ultimate Pro Material Care Material Care Dish Tablets at a significantly reduced price.

The 35 pack is $18.50 down from $37.00, saving you $18.50. 

The 50 pack is $21.00 down from $42.00, saving you $21.00.

The 65 pack is $24.00 down from $48.00, saving you $24.00.

Arnott’s Shapes Crackers Biscuits Barbecue 175g or Chicken Crimpy 175g are half price at $1.75, down from $3.50.

Abbott’s Bakery English Muffins Sourdough Rye 4 pack is on sale at $3.00 down from $4.30.

Dirty Clean food Original Oat Milk 1 Litre is $5.20 for a single carton, but if you buy two you will only pay $9.00, which is a saving of $1.20.

You can pick up Uncle Tobys Cheerios Multigrain Original Breakfast Cereal 580g, Honey Breakfast Cereal 570g or Vanilla O’s Low Sugar Breakfast Cereal 510g for $6.00, down from $7.00.

Nobby’s Salted Bear Nuts 375g, Salted Peanuts 375g, Salt and Vinegar 350g are $2.70 down from $3.85 and Salted Mixed Nuts are $4.75 down from $6.80.

Connoisseur Barossa valley Merlot, Blackberry and Cookie, Belgian Chocolate, Cafe Grande, Honey Macadamia, Chocolate Brownie, Classic Vanilla, Cookies and Cream, Murray River Salted Caramel, Raspberry White Chocolate, Vanilla Caramel Brownie, Matcha Green Tea With White Choc, Mint With Cookies and Plant Based Hazelnut Chocolate Ice Cream Tub 1 litre are all $12.00 each or $20.00 for two which will save you $4.00.

Pedigree Adult with Chicken Dry Dog Food and Pedigree Adult With Real beef Dry Dog Food 8g are $25.00 per bag or you can get three for $51, which saves you $24.00.

BabyLove Cosfit Jumbo Nappies Infant 3-8kg 76 pack is $28.00 for one pack or if you buy two it’s only $48.00 which saves you $4.00.

Palmolive Ultra Eco Coconut and Lime Antibacterial, Vanilla and Berries and Original Dishwashing Liquid 950ml are all half price at $3.75 down from $7.50.

Coles best buys

Kellogg’s Coco Pops Chocolatey Breakfast Cereal 650g is $6.50 down from $7.70, saving you $1.20.

Golden Scone Loaf Original 600g is $2.75 down from $5.50 saving you $2.75.

Coles Green Kiwifruit are $0.80 each or five for $3.00 which saves you $1.00.

Coles The Original Beef Sausages 550g are $6.60 each or if you buy two you will pay only $12.00 saving you $1.20.

Flora ProActiv Margarine Spread Original 500g is $6.80 down from $8.50 so you save $1.70. Or Meadow Lea Original Margarine Spread 500g is $2.50 down from $4.00 saving you $1.50.

You can pick up eight of Coles Kitchen’s prepackaged meals for $50.00. Individually the meals are anywhere from $6.80 to $7.80 so you can save up to $12.40.

Vittoria Espresso Coffee Beans 1kg are $20.50 down from $32.50 so you keep $12.50 in your pocket.

Ben and Jerrys Ice Cream Tub 458ml is $6.50 down from $13.00 so you save $6.50.

Lipton Black Tea Bags 100 pack is $2.87 down from $5.75 so you save $2.88.

Radiant Laundry Powder Whites and Colours 4kg is only $18.00 down from $30.00 so you keep $12.00 in your wallet.

Aldi best buys

Market Fare Winter Frozen Vegetables 1kg bag are only $2.49 which is a reduction of 50 cents.

Neroma Appressio #9 and #12 10 pack are $3.49 down from $4.49.

Oh So Natural Organic 100 percent Australian Honey 400g is $6.49 down from $6.99 which is a saving of 50 cents.

Willowton Free Range Chicken Tenderloins 1kg are $16.49 down from $16.99 saving you 50 cents.

Willowton Free Range Chicken Breast Fillets 1kg are discounted from $11.99 to $11.49 so you save 50 cents.

Farmdale Lactose Free Milk 1 litre is $1.49 down from $1.59 so you save 10 cents.

Remano Pesto Basil 190g and Sundried Tomato 190g are $1.79 down from $1.89 saving you 10 cents.

Just Organic Apple Cider Vinegar 500ml is $3.19 down from $3.39 saving you 20 cents.

Hillcrest Nut Bars 6 pack are $2.59 reduced from $2.79, saving 20 cents.

Logix Dishwashing Powder 1kg is $3.69 reduced from $3.79 so you save 10 cents.


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