By Sophie Ryan, iSelect 

There’s a lot of Aussie Netflix-lovers out there. In fact, a recent study commissioned by comparison service iSelect found the platform was the most popular paid subscription video streaming service among Aussies surveyed, with almost half (49 per cent) saying they’re currently subscribed.

However, the research also found that 20 per cent of people surveyed who are currently subscribed to Netflix are considering cancelling the service in the next six months, and 40 per cent surveyed with a paid video subscription service of any kind are considering cancelling at least one in the next six months.

It makes sense that Aussies are looking for ways to save right now, and it’s understandable that streaming services could be on the chopping block for many, but read on as we breakdown why it’s a good idea to consider reviewing your internet plan as well to see if you could find a better deal – perhaps as part of a wider ‘spring clean’ of all your household bills and expenses!

So, how can you save money on your internet plan?

With news that Netflix will be introducing a new lower-cost, ad-supported plan for Aussies in November (costing $6.99 a month), with Disney+ set to follow (currently their subscription is priced at $11.99 per month, you may be thinking about streaming services right now and the impact of their costs on the household budget.

If you’re feeling the pinch to your budget, but really don’t want to cancel your much-loved streaming service (or downgrade to an ad-supported plan), consider reviewing and comparing your internet plan first to see if you could save some money, a comparison service such as iSelect may be able to help.

Perhaps you don’t use as much data as you used to? You may find you’re already paying more than you need to, especially if it’s a been a while since you last reviewed your internet plan.  It’s important to remember though that when it comes to internet plans, there is no ‘best’ or ‘one-size-fits-all’. Finding a plan that suits you will ultimately depend on your individual needs and circumstances. This brings us to our next point. 

Top tips for finding a suitable internet deal


When choosing a suitable internet plan, you should think about what is most important to you. Is it price, speed or data? While saving money could be great, ultimately a cheap internet plan is no use if it doesn’t provide the speed and data you need.

For a great experience and to avoid slow connections or buffering issues, consider an internet plan that offers speed that matches your lifestyle. For example, many providers may offer 50/20mbps or faster plans, which are generally geared for connecting multiple devices, streaming online entertainment, or gaming. And for flexibility, you could opt for a month-to-month internet plan.

So, if you’re considering a clean-up of your streaming services (or you’ve already given some the axe), think about adding your internet plan to that ‘spring clean’ list of yours, as well as your health insurance policy or energy plan!

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