Welcome to our new video series from Livewire – one of Australia’s best investment marketing intelligence services.

Livewire is a platform for Australia’s leading investment professionals to share their insights and a unique place for investors to stay informed about markets.

In six years the website has grown to 250,000 monthly active users making it the fastest growing and most engaged investor website in the country.

So in this episode of Livewire’s video series Buy, Sell Hold, Investors Mutual’s Simon Conn and Montgomery Investment Management’s Roger Montgomery share thoughts on three companies that have plenty of earnings growth potential.

After 18 months that have seen fires, floods and a literal plague,  some companies fought back, with earnings surprisingly upbeat at the beginning of this year.

These include Australian Clinical Labs, MNF Group, and Ingenia Communities.

Plus, they’ll also name two stocks that could surprise the market with upgrades in the months to come.

This episode was filmed on Wednesday 13th October 2021. 

For more, go to: livewiremarkets.com

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