If you’re reading this in your new home office – a bedroom converted to a study, or a kitchen table with you at one end and the kids schooling on your laptop at the other – you don’t need me to tell you these are extraordinary times.

But the danger isn’t just the horrid COVID-19. Your health is important – but so is your wealth.

If Prime Minister Scott Morrison is right, we have six months or more to get through. And for many of us, that could mean living with either a lower income or, in some cases, no income at all.

Understanding how to manage your money – how to preserve it, what to spend it on and how to make it in clever new ways – has never been more important. Unfortunately today, it can mean the difference between a comfortable self isolation or misery.

When we started Really Simple Money five years ago, it was designed to help families secure their futures by making the most of life’s financial opportunities.

Today, it’s all about survival. Pure and simple. And coming out of this crisis fit enough to take advantage of the recovery.

We’ve skilled up and formed new partnerships. In the coming weeks, we’ll be bringing you important lessons in how to preserve and save, and how to create new opportunities.  Yes, even from the kitchen table.

We’ll be bringing you a new service to help you deal with debt.  And we’ll be watching prices, bringing you real savings from your local stores, and keeping you in touch with government aid.

There is a new world to navigate.  But we’re here to help.

Please send us questions, and we’ll get expert answers.  Let us know what you need and we’ll try and provide it. Contact us here.

Everyone, from your supermarket to your bank has sent you emails promising:  We’re in this together.

Well, we are.  Really Simple Money is independent and on your side. We’re on your side, and in coming weeks we’ll show you how to not just survive, but also to thrive.

Stay safe, stay well and stay on top of your money.

Peter LynchPeter-Lynch

Editor in Chief

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