Welcome to Really Simple Money.  We’re back just in time to help you handle your own personal recovery from the pandemic.

A special thanks to all who filled out our survey last week.  Now we know what you want, we’ll be delivering it in spades over the coming weeks: how to make more money, how to save and where to invest.

Thanks, also, to Josh Frydenberg for the budget we didn’t think we’d see after a year of living with a pandemic:  a big spending budget that is aimed directly at keeping our amazing economy bubbling.

That said, the budget is a case in point as to why an independent site like Really Simple Money can help.

Our writers are cutting through the politics and jargon to deliver the facts.  Like the budget, which was supposed to deliver an enormous benefit for women, seems a little ho hum in the cold light of day.

In the next few weeks, you’ll see a lot of new services delivered through

Really Simple Money – the best free financial health check calculators, financial education, apps to allow you to increase your super contributions.

And a huge leap in video and podcast content.

You’ll also see an increase in our coverage of women and money – particularly super.  We’ve created the Supawomen campaign to help overcome the gap that leaves many women 55+ in desperate straights.

We’ll be championing change in this area – pushing for acceptance that women are different. They raise our children and take career breaks to do so – all of which means they are worse off when it comes to retirement.

We’re looking forward to helping you survive and thrive – so stay with us. And tell us what you need to make your financial future “really simple”.

The Really Simple Money Team

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